Captured Battle Flags: 19th Georgia Infantry

     At the Battle of Fredericksburg, Adjutant Evan Morrison Woodward is credited to have captured the Battle Flag of the 19th Georgia Infantry. As related in the story below, from Breakthrough! The Pennsylvania Reserves at Fredericksburg":

Parts of the Federal units splintering in the woods followed Adjutant Evan M. Woodward as he headed south along the ridge top. Woodward broke off from the rest of the 2nd Reserves and pushed toward the Southerners harassing Jackson's Third Brigade. Woodward picked up elements of the 11th Reserves and smashed into the Confederate brigade of James J. Archer. Locking onto the Southerners' exposed left flank, Woodward's men fired down the length of the Confederate earthworks. Woodward's group closed across the rear of their enemy while portions of the 7th Reserves, 5th Reserves, and the Bucktails hammered the works from the slope of the hill in front. Evan Woodward realized that the Federals had crossed their fire and he started taking casualties from friendly bluecoats. Running ahead, Woodward dove into the Confederate trench. Surrounded by over a hundred Southerners, Woodward asked them if they cared to surrender. They answered, "We will surrender, if you will let us." Quieting the fire, Woodward removed his prisoners down the hill and secured the battle flag of the 19th Georgia-the only Confederate flag captured at Fredericksburg. Woodward refused to leave the front with his trophies so he detached Charles Upjohn to carry the flag to the rear. When Upjohn fell wounded, Jacob Cart of the 7th Reserves took the flag. The Congress rewarded Cart with the Medal of Honor. Thirty years later, a Medal of Honor was bestowed on Woodward as well.

"Breakthrough! The Pennsylvania Reserves at Fredericksburg." by Francis Augustin O'Reilly.

"Our Campaigns" By Evan M. Woodward